St. Leonards IGA

St. Leonards IGA
St. Leonards

St. Leonards IGA strives to deliver a shopping experience that the local community value, which is to shop locally and conveniently with great customer service, whilst supporting local suppliers and brands, offering far more benefits than just competitive prices. While the energy prices keep rising their bills will stay down.

Jean Cowley

“I heard about CommPower Industrial at an IGA state board meeting, one of the managers was very impressed with the people that they were dealing with when looking into solar for one of the IGA warehouses, they came down and had a meeting and we took it from there.”

“I had concerns about solar, I didn’t know a lot about it really, but I knew we needed to reduce costs.”  

“We chose to Install solar at St Leonards IGA because of increasing costs of electricity.”

“CommPower Industrial have been very informative all the way along the process, the installation was really good and very smooth, I would defiantly recommend them. Absolutely!”