Position Partners

Position Partners

Position Partners is Australia’s premier provider of positioning and machine control solutions for surveying, civil works and building activities, they are the exclusive Australian distributor for Topcon machine control and positioning systems, with complementary solutions from other technology innovators. Position Partners were looking to cut the costs of power. 

Graham Wise

“I heard about CommPower Industrial through our electrical provider who we have had a working relationship with for the last 9 plus years, the relationship with them is probably what got CommPower over the line, there was a trust factor there.” 

“Our reason for initially getting solar was basically to minimise energy costs and reduce our carbon footprint, but also we were looking for the return on investment, something we would get out money back on in a reasonable timeframe.”  

“Some of my concerns were the quality of materials used and substantiating the return on investment.”

“CommPower were informative, the install was very well communicated and went reasonably to schedule in terms of timing, also the guidelines were adhered to, we were pretty impressed with the installation.”

“We have had 3000kw saving per month which works out to be about $1200 saving on average per month after the installation, so roughly about $14000 per year.”

 “Overall experience was very good, I was 100% on board and the outcome seems to have delivered.”