FP Chassis Australia

FP Chassis Australia

FP Chassis Australia are a manufacturing company that provide quality Chassis, frames car trailers and more, FP Chassis was able to break through once dealers and caravan manufacturers alike recognised the superior quality of the FP Chassis product. They strive to be the best at what they do and decided that the installation was the right choice for their business. 

Belinda Panella

“We had been looking for solar panels for quite a while and our Electrician referred us onto the team at CommPower Industrial.” 

“The cost involved, the outlay at the start and if it actually does work and you do save money, that was a concern”

“The insurance policy that they offered, that was a big reason we decided to choose CommPower, nobody else had that on offer, so basically they insure the savings with the insurance policy

 “The experience has been great! the quote came through and it was an easy process, the solar panels were delivered, the install was great, Excellent all the way through and a very good experience, I would highly recommend CommPower Industrial.” 

"One of the best business decisions we've ever made"