Britex Metals

Britex Metals

Britex is internationally recognised as one of the world’s most innovative designers and fabricators of stainless steel products, commercial grade plumbing fixtures and architectural fittings. Many of their world-first product design innovations are today commonplace amongst stainless steel fixtures available around the world. Britex made the switch to solar to benefit their company and save money all year round.

Jordan Ristrom

“I was in the market for solar and interviewed a number of businesses over about a year and the funny thing was they were all promising way different situations, CommPower were on the money as to what they were quoting and so I chose them after a fair few interviews.” 

“I had big concerns when looking for solar, it’s a big upfront payment and you never know, we were a bit disappointed with the LED lighting upgrade that we installed the previous year through another company, so I was very cautious and anxious about solar power.”  

“We decided on solar for the business because it’s the green way we want to go, we use a fair bit of power, we’ve got a massive source of roof over us and see it as the way of the future and the costs are pretty good in regard to the savings.”

“They were able to answer any questions I had and if they couldn’t they got back to me as soon as they could.”

“As soon as I signed the dotted line they were there about the next week sizing it up. I’m happy and they've met my expectations, I like walking past the machines every day and see them ticking over and I know that it’s because of solar.”