Apollo Patios

Apollo Patios

Apollo Patios are a Victoria based company that provide outdoor additions including verandas, patios, pergolas, decks, carports and more to homes around Victoria. They were looking to reduce the cost of electricity at their factory located in Campbellfield and reduce their consumption of power. We guaranteed Apollo Patios that we could make that happen and they would be saving in no time.  

Kevin Horton

“We were recommended CommPower through a trusted friend that works for an electrical company, that’s really what made me lean towards working with them.” 

“The cost of electricity was a big concern and I was scared I was going to get the wrong deal, but with the insurance policy running on the background of the deal there was a guarantee, it’s a big investment but spend it once and get it running, powers only going up its not coming down its only going to be a positive.”  

“It was pretty seamless to be honest, the install side of things really only took a few days with really no interruption to us, but we also had an install of all LED lighting, new air conditioning system and everything else to go with it to make the whole thing come together as a positive in terms of the dollars of power and reduction.”

“It was a simple process, we had a meeting and worked out our requirements and they came back with a proposal that clearly showed that we would save a lot of money on electricity going forward.

Electricity costs for us are usually around $4000 a quarter and our first bill since the install came in at $800 so you’re saving right off the bat.”

 “I had no issues, it was a seamless install and a win win for us.”