We begin by taking the time to fully understand your current situation and needs. We inform you of how the process works, including details on available grants or other favorable payment options.


Once you decide to move forward, our team performs a comprehensive energy audit of your facility. This is where we present our recommendations, estimated savings and plan for implementation.


Last, we update your facility and install solar panels with minimal intrusion or inconvenience to your daily business routine. The final product reduces your energy bill for decades to come.


Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2020

CommPower Industrial and MTM Automotive are proud to be accepted for the 2020 Premier’s Sustainability Awards.  Beginning last year, we embarked on a journey to implement a massive 551KW solar energy solution. This would have been one of the top 5 rooftop solutions in Victoria but unfortunately, we ran out of roof. Ever the inventive folks we are, we installed (and helped engineer) massive elevated solar arrays that we could park cars under.


We are also looking to invest in energy storage and trying to keep with the greenest solutions we can so this will be undertaken as a secondary project due to the amount of additional research required.
One major benefit is that our Customers don’t need to feel guilty ordering from us anymore! We aim to have our assemblies carbon neutral in the near future and this will definitely benefit our Customers ordering from longer routes such as Australia – Europe”.


Kevin Horton
Apollo Patios

Electricity costs for us are usually around $4000 a quarter and our first bill since the install came in at $800 so you’re saving right off the bat.”
“I had no issues, it was a seamless install and a win win for us.”

Belinda Panella
FP Chassis Australia

“The insurance policy that they offered, that was a big reason we decided to choose CommPower, nobody else had that on offer, so basically they insure the savings with the insurance policy.”
“One of the best business decisions we've ever made.”

Alf Puglia
Precision Forme

“Since the installation, over the summer months it’s probably saved us about $2000 a month on our electricity bill and over the winter period about $1000 a month which is about 25 to 50 % of our bill, were pretty happy with the result and it will only save us more with the years to come.



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